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EWC53 Structuring The Silence Extended (2019)

Quartetto | für Quartett [in resonance]

for FOUR | per quattro


for Fritz Hauser, Martina Brodbeck e Francesca Gemmo


Choose 9 sounds (or groups of 9 sounds) in the order: 9 + 9 + 9 ... 

with fixed characteristics (amplitude, tempo, overtone structure, duration, etc.) and nine elements: gestures, intention, words and other suggestion(s) etc.


In 9 parts: for four instruments. Time of bracket(s) in parentheses ( ) indicates: in resonance. For each movement, or part, some instruments play and others enter or exit into and out of resonance. They must never really play in four: the ideal quartet must be formed in resonance point(s).


Durations and dynamics are free. The sounds to be made are long and short or very short. Instruments can play alone, duo or trio.


The time bracket(s) indicate the points of contact between the four instruments:

 the resonance in which the sound must be left to vibrate (l.v.).


The total duration is free (over 30 minutes). The end must have a very long resonant (in four).


For drums Four parts, cello, piano and vibraphone.




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