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Atlante figurato di grammatiche fossili

Anno 2020, 80 pp.

ISBN 978-88-3617-061-6

Un io attraversa organicamente ogni poesia misurandosi con testi amati e assimilati, del passato e del presente, in un cammino di sicure incertezze che diventano certe nel processo di scrittura. 

Cinque sezioni comprendono cinque tappe di un itinerario che esplora un inventario tematico in cui vi sono anche versi aggiunti in ricercato disordine, citazioni da canzonieri, ricalchi, fino alla lunga considerazione finale di una vita in esilio domestico tessuta di microscritture per ricordare, nell'impossibilità di accordare il mondo, una Natura come in un quadro metafisico di de Chirico, fra distruzione e rinascita. 

Sergio’s greatest hits

by Steve Piccolo

My favorite line from each.

To say per se forgetfulnesses finally 


today’s meagre dictation 

cemetery of grammatical fossils 

the library crashes in the wrong direction 

in this tearful circus 

hidden from the gaze of strangers 

still I must keep silence

an imaginary archive

the dark side of logic

the hiding place at the foot of the bed

rhymes scattered in a shopping list

en-chanted melodies

beware of orderly minds

landscape manifesto of inconsistency

empty words set to memory

I thicken in thoughts 

I make my own anatomy

Let me suggest a stretch into fullest summer

Raving off the beaten path

Deep curdling of matter

Inverse and strange encounters of verses and memories

If my scattered rhymes seem excessive I don’t care

Everything has its place in oblivion

I write in imaginary slang

To find a new style

Writing only to please myself

Hopeful buzz of whining voices

Miracle mirror to escape from death

Lucid reckoning of chance – he who hopes is crazy

Listless traces linger

But the style is broken, dried up

The day feeds on what it omits to say

Ecstasy of things already spoken 

Slow construction of meaning

An off-kilter moment

Let’s be done with forms

Retrograde anacyclic verses

Dissolute dilated elliptical shadow

Afternoon ghosts that bite in infernal confusion 

I hide my self-portrait in the kitchen next to the roast

The sound of a silent audience

If it is the artist who makes the choices, what’s left for the spectator?

Infrasubtle listening 

Working on the margins of the composition

Numbers to calculate biscuits

Shelf life lengthened by a position slightly out of reach

Microscopic listening

Escape permanent connection

Hide without a trace in absence of words

The dissonant chord of the world

In this domestic exile, like a distant echo, I hear “goat songs,” the silence of peoples. 

The leftover noise of a city that has gone back to being nature


da "L'Immaginazione" n.325