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ERRORLand Text

PER TRE | (x3) inAbsentia (2018) EWC52

per/for un esecutore/one performer inVoce



dedicato a | dedicated to Steve Piccolo


ErrorLand is a Mesostic. It was composed on the occasion of the Fritz Hauser exhibition Trommel mit Mann, 2018, Erratum, Milan. Textual material is taken from Stories by Steve Piccolo with special guest John Lurie.

Each page lasts one minute. Two time-brackets for each minute where you can use words. Reading can be flat, intoned, free but always following the text. The spine words plugs must be differentiated, as dynamic, from the rest of the text.

The Spine Words is taken from A Finnegans Wake Lextionary, Bill Cole Cliett, 2011.





il Metodo | The Method


1. Meso. Spine word(s) with ic by Andrew Culver 29-316 pages (blank page, ex. 176 = silence/space);

2. Text = single line and/or word.

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