EW50 Structuring The Silence (2016-2018)


Solo and two performers/or percussion solo and duet


dedicated to Fritz Hauser






No d'opera/de l'oeuvre/der musikalischen Arbeit/of Work SUISA

Part One/Part Two/PartThree





Choose all different sounds with fixed characteristics (amplitude, tempo, overtone structure, duration, etc.) and nine elements: gestures, intention, words and other suggestion(s) etc.

Durations and dynamics are free. The sounds to be made are long and short or very short. When performed as a Solo, for One Player, choose cymbals and/or drums.

STRUCTURING THE SILENCE (Bionzo version) (2017) EWC50b

Solo and two performers/or percussion duet



STRUCTURING THE SILENCE La versione di Basilea | The Basel version (2018) EWC50c

Solo and Two Performers


per uno o/e due percussionisti con vibrafono

for one or/and two percussionist(s) with vibraphone


for Fritz Hauser to DIFFERENT BEAT 2018 in Basel (Switzerland)





from PianoChiaro

For two percussionist(s)


for Fritz Hauser to Erratum, March 5, Milan



Each part has eight time-brackets -with ic program by Andrew Culver (similar to John Cage procedure: change operations) -eleven which are flexible with respect to beginning and ending, and one, the eight, which is fixed.


1-9 sound(s) or instrument(s) for two no-pitched percussionist(s).


The sounds must be included with the time-bracket.

The dynamic is free: do not play loudly.

Variety as possible in timbre, articulation, rhythm etc.

No allusions to other musical compositions.


The tape is the pre-text for active listening. In this version: PianoChiaro by Fritz Hauser.


Listening very carefully in relation to Inside [I] and Outside [O] of tape PianoChiaro or another piece (in this case the title must be changed).


Inside: the execution must be in relation to the tape (also as partial imitation).

Outside: the execution must not be in relation to the tape (as partial contrast).