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EWC2 Anathem (2001)


for piano, vibraphone, glockenspiel and resonant instruments or combination of instruments


Anathem was written in the pattern structure (texture) ad lib. It employs a fixed gamut of tones very little in pitch and rhythm elementary: for a detailed listening in "bare attention" and depends in its performance on the sustaining of resonances either manually or with the pedal.In other words: a sound environment for improvisation. The notation expresses a relation between time and space. Employing various instruments and musicians which was never completed.It is divided into three parts: timeless, fast and freely.


No de l'oeuvre SUISA




Anathem | 1 (2001-2016)

Anathem | 2

Anathem | 3


Dodicilune Ed368


Sergio Armaroli


Fritz Hauser

drum-set, percussion