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Wednesday, August 31 2014


For "ambisonic format" (4 speakers on the floor, 4 et ear level and 4 about 10 feet up, in a simmetrical array)


Un modo di saltare

Computer tape, text (silent words) and ambisonic system


For 12 channel sound system with speakers placed randomly around the space


Pour l'hommeLibre

Sound installation with object


Also grand piano:

All Last Nothing Last

Piano solo and computer tape looping in ambisonic system


DIAPASON ECHOChamberProject: to SeptemberVoices



The sound installation is divided into three independent parts that can be viewed comfortably in the gallery space in an autonomous way. In "Ambisonic System" we have, in alternation, the pieces "One way to jump" and "All Last Nothing Last": the first is diffused among the three levels; the second only in one of three levels in alternation. In the room a "silent text" will be in the center of the space, placed on a music stand that can be read by the people during the listening (the text is taken from the overall work even in its integrity and printed in free sheets). Piano part can be played even by the people on the instrument (with the presence of music scores and timer) during the spread of computer tape.


The text "Pour l'Homme Libre" will be "crushed" with random arrangement of the speakers, each channel will have the text specifications: the original text should be divided into 12 parts, each part will correspond to a fragment of the text that should be checked independently even with patch preset.

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