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With a wide range of work by sound artists and musicians, writers, filmmakers, photographers, and visual artists, @ovid's Metamorphoses uses the COVID-19 pandemic and its far-reaching consequences as an instrument for change, artistic and otherwise. A play on experiment across various fields of artistic practice, all featured work revolves around ideas of transmission and inspiration, conjuring up a massive body of vital and daring artistic expressions unashamedly avant-garde.

@ovid's Metamorphoses is a project initiated by Bernd Herzogenrath, professor of American literature and culture at the Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main and sound artist Lasse-Marc Riek. It features contributions from artists from the worlds of film, sound art and music, writing, visual art, and photography, intent on upsetting the idea behind Ovid's Metamorphoses, metamorphosis and progress through violence, and defining the COVID-19 epidemic as a possible counterbalancing act to the myths underlying Western culture. Throughout all the work presented here runs the idea of playfulness as a fundamental artistic act. Infection and transmission allow for an artistic practice that leaves behind the myths that have defined Western culture for...  more


released December 15, 2023


Maja S K Ratkje (NO), bergsonist (MA/US), Suk-Jun Kim (KR/UK), Michael Gordon (US),  Bill B. Wintermute (DE), Raphael Kariuki (KE), Jacob Cooper (US), Halla Steinunn Stefánsdóttir (IS), Opubo Braide (ZA), Lee Scratch Perry (JM/CH), Richard Reed Parry (Arcade Fire) (CA), Obsolete Capitalism (IT), Tomas Saraceno (AR), Shira Legmann (IL), Reinhold Friedl (Zeitkratzer) (DE) , Dalibor Kocian (SK), Lucrecia Dalt (CO), Marc Richter (DE), Gareth Davis (UK/NL), Lawrence English (AU), Lane Shi Otayonii (CN), Ensemble Klang (NL), Jelena Glazova (LT), Steven R. Smith (US), James Yorkston (SCO), Jonas Noack (DE), Rehab Hazgui (TN), Laima Jansone (LT), Robin Rimbaud (Scanner) (UK), Joseph Kamaru (KMRU) (KE/DE) , Thomas Köner (DE/HR), Anthony Joseph (TT/UK), David Rothenberg (US), Francisco Lopez (ES), Lasse-Marc Riek (DE), Frauke Berg (DE), Geraldine Vanspauwen (BE), Thelmo Cristovam (BR), João Castro Pinto (PT), Pablo Sanz (ES), DinahBird (FR), Stefan Militzer (DE), Janko Hanushevsky (AT/DE), Sally Ann McIntyre (AUS/NZ), Achim Zepezauer (DE), Julia Mihaly (DE), Roland Etzin (DE), Charlotte Höchsmann (DE), Constantin Gröhn (DE), Goh Lee Gwang (MY), Siri Austeen (NO), Johannes Krause (DE), Matthias Engelke (DE), Angélica Castelló (MX/AT), Sergio Armaroli (IT), Eva Pöpplein (DE), Nicola Di Croce (IT)


Christoph Collenberg (DE), Christine Wunnicke (DE), Anna Tsing-Lowenhaupt (US), Allen C. Shelton (US), Stefano Oliva (IT) , Hans-Jörg Rheinberger (DE), Ally Bisshop (AUS/DE), Jane Bennett (US), Bernd Herzogenrath (DE), Sheree Renée Thomas (US), Rosi Braidotti (NL), Michael Marder (UK), Andreas Stroehl (DE), Tom McCarthy (UK/DE), Reinaldo Laddaga (AR), Hanjo Berressem (DE), Eugenie Brinkema (US), Christina Kubisch (DE) , David Valéz (CL/UK), Lin Chi Wei (TW), Jörg Piringer (AT), Gustavo Valdivia (PE), Budhaditya Chattopadhyay (IN), Angus Carlyle (UK), Cathy Lane (UK), Eva Weingärtner (DE), Viv Corringham (AU), Annea Lockwood (US/NZ), Tobias Schmitt (DE), Christopher DeLaurenti (US), Brandon Labelle (US/DE), Sarah Kazmi (PK/NO)


Zuzana Lazarova (CZ), Marketa Kinterova (CZ), Eva Jeske (DE), Graeme Gilloch/Michael Hall (UK), Michal Macku (CZ), Stefan Fricke (DE), Michael Wesely (DE), Suraya Md Nasir (MY), Verena Freyschmidt (DE), Jaanika Peerna (US), Nicholas Jones (UK/NO), Caroline Streck (DE), Wieland Krause (DE), Alexandra Deutsch (DE), Arash Akbari (IR), Maria Wang Kvalheim (NO), Jaime Jiron (ES)


Bill Morrison (US), Sebastian Wiedemann (CO), Péter Lichter (HU), Hedvika Hlavackova (CZ), Austine Lordlaz (NG), Ali Beidoun (Fotonik Noise) (LB), Karel Doing (UK), Kaveh Nabatian (Bell Orchestre) (CA), Vincent Moon (FR), Dodda Maggý (IS), Ayman Nahle (LB), Eisuke Yanakisawa (JP), Margrethe Iren Pettersen (NO), Philipp Bückle (DE), Ville Tanttu (FI), Ana Maria Micu (RO), Xu Xin (CN), Manfred Waffender (DE), Elly Stormer Vadseth (NO), Claus Stoermer (DE), Darius Ciuta (LT)

Idea Bernd Herzogenrath

Curated by Bernd Herzogenrath & Lasse-Marc Riek

Design by Vildana Memic

Audio Mastering by Lorenz Lindner

This publication was sponsored by Ostbelgien

Kulturamt der Stadt Frankfurt am Main

Dr Bodo Sponholz Stiftung

Josef Åkebrand

The (c)ovid's metamorphoses box contains seven CDs, two data DVDs with short films, and a 200 pages full-color book with texts, photographs, drawings, and paintings. Neither the music nor any of the other work comprised in the box is available digitally.


(C)Ovid’s Metamorphoses –The Telephone Game

Artist 5

Re: Mix | eDiasticAria

Re: Mix Seed Text: Choose one of Ovid’s myths. / Re-Tell it in a new, non-violent, gender neutral way. / Immunize an Ovidian myth against its own violence – heal the myth

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Ovid Evolution: 24bit production soul

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                                   my infectiOn new neutral against  heal myth that been
             the but paperback in about whateVer the emperor was keen to so that to
                                the poet of hIs time the swamps of at the
    sea coast ie the remote of the roman worlD according
                          the myth fama dwellS where land and sky touch her palace is


  and of but not single door is utterly open Murmur
                                      of voicEs and sounds in
                                       and ouT every
                                      bit of Acoustic

        that floats in through the openings iMmediately  and is being altered

                                        it flOws out again  the of
                                  me that stoRy has a resonance in times of the
                                       fame tHat
                                            tO be for the rich
                 and or to the and powerful iS now on rumors and
                                    radicalizE people who get caught up in their

                                       bubbleS come an a