Maurizio Ben Omar, Sergio Armaroli, Andrea Dulbecco and Elio Marchesini

Starting from the percussion works of John Cage the EWPE

EmptyWordsPercussionEnsemble aims to investigate the world of percussion in the repertoire of the twentieth century about a renewed and philological sound sensitivity; in respect of the musical text and the Idea; through improvisation and invention fed by a Fluxus creative tension.



From the booklet: "There are two main rewards when performing and recording music by John Cage: the immersion in one of the most refined and unusual soundscapes of the twentieth century (although listeners may think the opposite) and the chance of sharing an important piece af contemporary music-making and discography. This is especially true of the record at hand here, which explores the unusual world of percussion instruments."

by Giacomo Fronzi



Quartet (1935)
[1] Moderate
[2] Very slow
[3] Axial asymmetry
[4] Fast

Trio | Suite for Percussion (1936)
[5] Allegro
[6] March
[7] Waltz

[8] But What About The Noise of Crumpling Paper (1985)
[9] Three2 (1991)



  • Label: Da Vinci Classics
  • Genre: Contemporary Music
  • Period: 20th Century
  • Catalogue No: C00030
  • Barcode: 0806810877975

Design and art direction by 一般社団法人 Osaka Mozart Association
Produced by 一般社団法人 Osaka Mozart Association
The copyright in this sound recording and artwork is owned by Osaka Mozart Association